The Laem Klong Resort:

The Bungalow Department Laem Klong in the South of Koh Tao (Chalok Baan Kao) co-operates with the Reef Rider Divebase and it prevails very closely and familiar the entire Time a relaxte and friendly tendency. The Bungalows are very comfortable and inexpensive, starting from 300 Baht (Divers receive an additional Discount). There is Woodbungalows, Steinbungalows with Fan and a new VIP Complex with Air conditioning System.
The Dinner and Break Area of the Department are directly because of the Housebeach Tao Toh. The appropriate Bungalows lie on the adjacent Hill and became very in good Taste into the natural Environment integrated.
Here you see to One of the beautifull Bungalows on the adjacent Hill.
The Prospect of the Balcony of the Bungalows into the Beach of Tao Toh is particularly a Highlight.
In the larger Bungalows even Families or Travel's Groups can be accommodated problem-free.
In direct Proximity (approx. 5 Minutes Footpath) to the Department is the Shark Beach with an absolute Dream Beach, which is very popular. There one can see with Snorkels and something Luck even young Reef Sharks.