The Dive Equipment:

The Team of the Reef Rider Divecenter attaches particular importance to the Security of the Guests. In addition a technically perfect Equipment belongs. Therefore the complete Equipment 2005 was renewed and is in absolute Top Condition.
A special Service of the Divecenter is the complete Preparation and Reinforcement of the Equipment by the Divemasters. You need to make and know absolutely nothing, your Fun-Dive starting from the first minute in full Courses to enjoy. Thereby becomes additional guaranteed that the Equipment not by inappropriate Treatment is damaged and a possible safety risk to represent can.
Already for Breakfast your dipping Equipment is stowed away in Bags and operationally. On Board of the dipping Boat Jackets and Lung-Automats become on the dipping Bottles installs, Bottles changed and after the Fun-Dive again stows away. And also after the Return the Equipment is cleaned by the Team and restored in the Equipmentroom.
In the Year 2005 a new and larger dipping Boat, the Reef Rider was purchased.
Here you see the Bauer Compressor, which is on the Reef Rider. Within 6 Minutes those can dipping Bottles with 210 bar to be filled. This makes longer Fun-Dives possible with one Duration from 50 Minutes to 1 Hour.
The Safety-Equipment of the dipping Boat. An Oxygen Cylinder is on Board present.