The Divespots
of Koh-Tao:

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Chumpon Pinnacle:

Diving at the Chumpon Pinnacle is a true Adventure. It is appropriate for about 11 Miles northwest from Koh Tao and is the Diving District of the Region most expanded so far. After approximately 40 Minutes of Travel is far and broadly no more Country into view and you jumps simply in the Middle in the sometimes very wavy Sea, waits to the Divemasters command  "Let's have Fun" and goes it in the free Descent on first 22m Depth. The Pinnacle is formed by several large Rocks and is enough to 38m Depth of Water. Here you can see with something Luck Whale Sharks and Reef Sharks.

King Kong Rock:

King Kong Rock lies in the Southeast of the Island and carries its Name all Honour. While Diving you Experiences an Underwater Landscape, which is comparable with the good Divespots in the Red Sea. During the dipping you cross Rocks and Ravines, which quite justify the Name King Kong. The Flora and Fauna pour over before Lives and you can the unbelievable Pictures hardly seize and/or process. A very good Divespot with many Highlights.

Shark Island:

Shark Iceland lies in the Southeast of the Island and offers just as mad underwater Landscape as King Kong Rock. Highlights are curious Pilot Fish, which confound Divers gladly with Sharks. A funny Play is rapid under way, if you tries the importunate Fish to loose-will.  Even short Catching does not represent a Reason for the Pilot Fish to discharge of it´s Project. 

Green Rock:

Green Rock consists of two large main Rocks and is enough from 1m to 35m submerged Depth. One crosses some close Ravines, which make a Dipping here a special Experience. There are also here Titanium Pusher Fish, which do not go in the breeding time of a brawl out of the Way. Divemaster Isi by the way also not. 

Twin Peaks:

A small rock passes Twin Peaks from two main Rocks and between this with an Arcade. One doesn't experience only Sub-Water here but at the surface a excellent View also. The two Islands hardly built on are connected by a marvellous, crescent-shaped sandy Beach. Sometimes brooding Titaium Putter Fishes deliver a funny Guarrel to themselves with the Divemaster and one can see rare, black-and-white Clown Fishes. 

White Rock:

White Rock lies northwest of Koh Tao. You can dive except for 20 m from the Edge of a Platform on about 14 m. You find extensive Gardens of hardly and softly Corals at approximately 10 m. 

Southwest Pinnacle:

Southwest Pinnacle is a Rock group with many Arcades. You dive on about 26 m and then being able to work forward up to the Safety Stop on the Top of the main Rock. 

Aow Loek:

Aow Loek in the east of the Island is a lovely Bay in which we can carry out not only the so-called "Pool Education" but which also has to offer some Highlights. Despite the relatively low Depth of Water of 8 m some Rocks which are populated by an extensive Fauna and Flora are found here on the sandy Soil. Shark Island is in an immediate Proximity and therefore can with a little Luck you notice young Reef Sharks.

Sail Rock:

Sail Rock lies a little further remote in the Southeast. The Depth around the gigantic Rock is about 27 m. A quite special Highlight is the Chimney with an Entrance on 18 m and two Exits.

Mango Bay:

The Mango Bay lies in the North of the Island and is suitable for Snorkeling excellently.